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The TouchStone Business System - Best Practices
In these webinars, you'll learn best practices and strategies for organizing TouchStone enabling you to build a strong foundation for a process dependent business.
#1. The Process Lists / Your Four Key Functions
You'll learn how to create a comprehensive Four Functions List - all of your processes organized and accessible.
#2. The Organizational Chart & Job Descriptions
You'll learn the importance of having a dynamic, fluid organizational chart and how to use your org chart and job descriptions to manage and grow your business.
#3. Quick & Easy Process Documentation
You'll learn the quickest and easiest method for writing your processes and you'll understand when to most effectively use each of the different process tools.
#4. Process Implementation & Management
You'll learn the strategies for implementing and managing your processes; how to submit, save and review completed workplans and checklists, how to keep your processes current and how to hold employees accountable.